About Us

The Trade of car Sale Purchase is as old as the invention of the Motor car itself. With due course of time it has developed into a full fledged trade and industry. From time to time the people involved in this trade had been trying to organise themselves and form an association which could look after the requirements of the dealers and help them in their hour of need.

In the year 2001 the Car Sale Purchase dealers of North district of Delhi were facing problems from many angles and hence decided it was high time that an Association be formed. The dealers gathered ,met and formed an Association. The complete charge of the Association was handed over to a dynamic personality by the name of J.S.NAYOL who named the Association as NORTHWEST CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION.

J.S.NAYOL had political experience of 17yrs.He enjoyed a lot of respect amongst the political and beurocratic circles. He could handle any issue from grass root level to the highest level with ease as he was a person who had risen from the base level to international fame

Upon formation the association staring functioning for the benefits of the dealers from day one. When the dealers of the neighbouring areas of Delhi got to know about the Association and its functioning, they started pressing the members and the Governing body of the Association to allow them to join the Association.

When the dealers of all areas became members of the association then it was felt that the name of the Association should be changed. Thus DELHI PRADESH CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION was formed ,After all dealers of Delhi became members.

Upon the formation of Delhi Pradesh Car Dealers Association the word spread like wild fire amongst the dealers of other states. That other dealers have formed such a strong Association that nobody dares to create any problem for the dealers, they started sending messages that they too wanted to join the association and that this association should work on a National Level.

Making a national level association was not an easy task and the President JS NAYOL, Gen Secy DS GILL and governing body had to do some serious thinking on this issue.

Meeting, discussions and a lot of ground work was done and finally an Assn by the name of AICDA was formed in the year 2006.The dealers of almost all states of India. have joined as member of this Association and those who have not become members are eager to become members ,the sooner the better they say.

The Association works on a multi pronged level. Be it the problem of dealers or of the parking or any other documentation or vehicle related problems or any problem faced by customers from dealers .

All the members are made to practice transparent and fair dealing and also to verify the antecedents of the seller /buyer before buying or selling a vehicle. It is also mandatory for all the members of the association to check that the documents are in proper order before finalizing any deal.

If any member is found doing any wrong or unfair practice he is expelled from the Association membership and is also boycotted from the trade and is blacklisted.

Overall the customer is benefited by the dealers practice of transparent &fair dealing, clear and clean documentation of the vehicle.

We look forward to develop a healthy relationship between our member dealers and our valued customers, today & always.